Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who Can I Trust

"Say Queensbridge."

When you associate Queensbridge and hip-hop you think the Juice Crew, Nas, and Mobb Deep. All talented emcees who once called "The Other Side" home. One name from QB who doesn't get his just due is Cormega.

Cormega's lyrics often touch on street life he lived, not fabricated tales that litter the landscape of the current game.

Despite his talent, Mega's career has been stymied by petty beefs and label politics. Since those mid-1990s disputes, he has managed to release seven albums.

"Who Can I Trust" was featured on the 1999 Violator Records compilation. Although the song credits The Hot Boys as the featured artist, Lil Wayne is the only member of the group who appears on the song. According to Cormega, this was the first time Lil Wayne was featured on a song with a New York rapper. The Alchemist produced track samples the late, great Isaac Hayes' "No Name Bar."

Isaac Hayes - No Name Bar

Cormega ft. Lil Wayne - Who Can I Trust
prod. by Alchemist

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